Ann J
Ann J Саат мурун
Yuck! I wanted to be a monkey thankfully no one gave me monkey hormones
frozen north
frozen north Саат мурун
Just conveniently leave out the fact that they surrounded his car and started shaking it like they were trying to flip it over.
Margaret Smith
Margaret Smith Саат мурун
Just get rid of the filibuster then heal up
Joe Berta
Joe Berta Саат мурун
Not surprised at all - what else can one expect -- from this incompetent sociopathic pathological lying narcissistic INSURRECTIONIST.
Laura Young
Laura Young Саат мурун
My gf sister, were Canadian, stopped taking her meds. She is a huge Trump Qanon follower. She told her, if I ever get cancer I'll never take treatment. A week later, I told her I had Cancer, because l do, said f all to me. Lots of talk but no walk.
stopborrowingmoneyandnotpayitback Саат мурун
Take notes America.. these are the ppl educating your kids!!🙄
Rolls Royce Network
Rolls Royce Network Саат мурун
Republicans had one job. Let Trump do whatever he needs, just do go to far with his bs. They lost the house in 2018 and again in 2020 but gained in the senate because the American people thought they were going to have a backbone. They pushed it with Trumps voters bs and now the American people had enough and took the senate away from them too. Would of probably been by a bigger margin if they knew what bs they would encourage. They better act right. We’ll see in 2022. Win win for the dems
Patrick Cooper
Patrick Cooper Саат мурун
We also should file lawsuit against the Democrats for 9 months of extreme violent chaos in our cities.
Miriam McGee
Miriam McGee Саат мурун
These people are not left or antifa. They are idiots. Im sure the right will love to blame joe biden for them though.
LorettaLynn Mumpower
LorettaLynn Mumpower Саат мурун
Patrick Cooper
Patrick Cooper Саат мурун
Chuck Schumer deserve Impeachment for the 9 months of supporting the extreme violence on the streets of New York city. That man several times was caught on camera by saying to the people on the street that He is with them and that He supports what is happening. Several hours later during the night time most of those riots turned several times extremely violent. I guess when the liberal Senator is watching your back people think that they can get away with anything.
Mort Snerd
Mort Snerd Саат мурун
Shut you down at 5;33, I will not even listen to further Gop BS. They still lie at every opportunity just like their fuhrer. Done,done, done with the corporate owned traitors.
John Pelfrey
John Pelfrey Саат мурун
This is " protesters marching?". You can't put lipstick on a pig NBC
Randal Marrs
Randal Marrs Саат мурун
This is why nobody trusts you.
The Influence of Many
The Influence of Many Саат мурун
Of course he did! He's a slimeball and should be held accountable.
Joshua Conner
Joshua Conner Саат мурун
Vandalism does not equal protest
Alexander Locke
Alexander Locke Саат мурун
So much hypocrisy. So little time.. Remember how rioters were called insurrectionists only a week ago. Now they are back to protestors.. 🙄🤦🏼‍♂️
Yvette Smith
Yvette Smith Саат мурун
WOW THANK YOU 🙏🏽 MR. PRESIDENT educated people speaking now.
Stranger Thangs
Stranger Thangs Саат мурун
They lucky they are not in russia.
heng rano
heng rano Саат мурун
5 days into new presidency by the way
Tenma_FN Саат мурун
Antifa attacks congress with some idiots... media goes on a supremisist rampage and yells terrorism... Antifa destroys buisnesses, beats up citizens, attacks police weeks and months on end and have never said a word. You got Governors and Mayors who tell the police to stand down. WhenANtifa and BLM marched and rioted in DC it took them 2 days before sending in the NG to protect the federal buildings, this was after the Lincoln memorial was defaced. When the Capital Building was under assault they had the NG put on standby days prior by the DoD and DC Mayor, yet refused to put them by the capital. Hypocricy...I do not care what side of the isle you are on anyone who can not see the difference is willfully blind. MSM refused to air some of the footage...had to go to gatewaypundit to see what was being hidden.
LorettaLynn Mumpower
LorettaLynn Mumpower Саат мурун
We are the footstool FOR GOD.
chris willis
chris willis Саат мурун
Dear comrads at NBC, Biden is not my president. Trump won the election. The socialist and the swamp stole it with the help of foreign powers, the lamestream media, and California tech. When justice is not equally applied and our vote is stolen, what recourse do we have. The Constitution has a clear message about that! Go OAN and NEWSMAX!!!
Kelly Struthers
Kelly Struthers Саат мурун
No this is BS!!!! This needs to stop now that officer did nothing wrong.
Margaret Smith
Margaret Smith Саат мурун
The election has already been proven fair by the courts all the way up to the supreme court
Critical Rick
Critical Rick Саат мурун
Nbc is trash.
Bryan Blackwell
Bryan Blackwell Саат мурун
you people are the biggest f*cking hypocrites.
john giglio
john giglio Саат мурун
Joe Biden promised to cure cancer if he got elected. Well...where's the cure? So far only unemployment, higher taxes and Death Panels.
Kaleef Shabazz
Kaleef Shabazz Саат мурун
We should use baseball stadium for vaccine in each state
DJ SEC Саат мурун
So stupid.
LorettaLynn Mumpower
LorettaLynn Mumpower Саат мурун
Fairborn,Dayton and Sorrowing ares
Lauren Labarre
Lauren Labarre Саат мурун
Mitch is quickly realizing he's the Minority Leader - Dem's must process the Rule of Law!
Imaginary Person
Imaginary Person Саат мурун
LMAO Sleepy Joe at his best.
msmccorm1 Саат мурун
Peaceful protestors do not surround a police or any other car, block traffic, etc. I am a Democrat and I like many of my fellow Democrats, we are not being heard. I do not support people who call this behavior "protesting", it is just another form of bullying. I am sick of people not taking responsibility for their actions whether you are resisting arrest or rioting, and yes this was rioting - the police need to be supported in facing these threats. They have a dangerous job being made more dangerous everyday by both Democrat and Republican zealots. The media needs to stop being so biased on both sides. I see media on one side saying that Covid is not real and on the other that BLM protests are not spreading the virus - LIARS, all vying for ratings and not the truth. They are also not representing the majority of moderate (reasonable) people in this country.
Robert Newell
Robert Newell Саат мурун
The GOP is dead they have no clear positive vision for the future, although to make real change we need the big money out of politics
Proxima Shells
Proxima Shells Саат мурун
but he isnt president
Rolls Royce Network
Rolls Royce Network Саат мурун
When he was***
dinosaurandnapkin Саат мурун
Those road rat asshats would be the first one to shoot a cop. Idiots.
ConservativeRiot Саат мурун
Mostly peaceful.
Debbie Rushing
Debbie Rushing Саат мурун
Where is biden?
Tim Berecek
Tim Berecek Саат мурун
“We Couldn’t do none of it” You mean burn police stations?? “If this was BLM they’d have tanks rolling down the streets” Like when they took over a city and called it chaz ? I didn’t see tanks then either🤔 This guy is delusional So is anyone that sees this summer a protest yet calls the capitol a riot. How about BOTH looked like riots???
Outta12 Саат мурун
She has nice hips.
Sky Brown
Sky Brown Саат мурун
That Police Officer needs to be fired.He needs to be in Jail..
Tommy Pritchett Sr
Tommy Pritchett Sr Саат мурун
Fake news
holy grail
holy grail Саат мурун
Ko first khelchas? Trump: MO first za mo first...
Robert Savann
Robert Savann Саат мурун
This is JOE'S America !!!!
Corey Pellett
Corey Pellett Саат мурун
She's white. Why would you switch to the side that says you are an inherently evil xenophobic bigot racist for your skin color. Was she deprogrammed? I hope she changed her vote, lol.
The Rogan
The Rogan Саат мурун
At the end of the day I'd be a little pissy as a cop there too after months of the protests in that state.
radar 211
radar 211 Саат мурун
Run them over.
tyrone sanford
tyrone sanford Саат мурун
Martin started talking like Malcolm ✊🏽
Aidee Vigo
Aidee Vigo Саат мурун
Wow you identical like your mom omg 😱
LorettaLynn Mumpower
LorettaLynn Mumpower Саат мурун
I need one I'm fighting for my life medically.
Ivan Hozehed
Ivan Hozehed Саат мурун
What a bunch of friggin LOSERS! Go home to momma's basement and burn some incense instead - oh you can't afford some incense?
R Yohn
R Yohn Саат мурун
I always support Democrats and Biden. We need to challenge the Police Departments by cutting down funding. Strip money for uniforms, pensions, unions. The only people police protect are the white and the rich. Sad.
mike jones
mike jones Саат мурун
Ernesto Perez
Ernesto Perez Саат мурун
It’s peaceful protesting right? Are they white supremacists? Lol this world is going nuts
Billy Shears
Billy Shears Саат мурун
"They were all Trump supporters dressed in ANTIFA gear. " Lol, see how easy it is? You just say it and its true. No evidence, its just true becasue it fits my narrative. Why isnt Fox news blaming Trump supporters for this, like they did with the reverse at the Capitol Insurection? Weird. LOL
Nova Sixty5
Nova Sixty5 Саат мурун
Ya let’s get rid of jobs and open our boarders during this covid epidemic. What a great leader
WindWoman 3
WindWoman 3 Саат мурун
“We wanted to catch up with Trump voters and rub their faces in his loss.”
David Vincent
David Vincent Саат мурун
Medical professionals are elated the new strains are highly contagious, while the Morons in Masks are terrified, Study viruses and learn why...
Paulo Саат мурун
Yay! Travel bans are no longer racist.
Guida Mopazan Rabinowitz
Guida Mopazan Rabinowitz Саат мурун
TheTXWolfPack Саат мурун
Oh so this(setting things on fire and breaking things)is called protesting? GOT IT 🙄 seems the media can’t stay consistent with their definitions
LorettaLynn Mumpower
LorettaLynn Mumpower Саат мурун
Max Саат мурун
Just take your grievances to www.antifa.com
Cindy Moore
Cindy Moore Саат мурун
That’s a dangerous mutation in South Africa. It spreads more contagiously and it’s more deadly. The other strains are already in America.
R Yohn
R Yohn Саат мурун
That police still needs to be accounted for and locked in jail for murder. This is about intentional assault on people with a vehicle.
Robert Pinardi
Robert Pinardi 2 саат мурун
So why are they not wearing Mask.. Mask are mandated on Federal Property.. There is no exception for speeches.
Tyler Knoles
Tyler Knoles 2 саат мурун
Biden’s America 👍
Max 2 саат мурун
Welcome to Biden’s America
Heem Thats Mr C
Heem Thats Mr C 2 саат мурун
What is the problem with giving the phone operator training" ummm is he disturbing the peace in anyway" no ,ok have a good day sir .
Tom 2 саат мурун
And Russia was laughing at us. Now the laughs at them.
LorettaLynn Mumpower
LorettaLynn Mumpower 2 саат мурун
.r.President you sure a BIG ANGEL AND FRESH AIR .
Clown World
Clown World 2 саат мурун
Fire in the streets, burning us flags: protesters People taking selfies in capitol: rioters, insurrectionists
David Vincent
David Vincent 2 саат мурун
This pandemic is so deadly, that we had less people die last year than the year before in my state, the same for the entire country, and the same for the world. The CDC is embarrassed more folks did not die, so, they have agreed to count the so called COVID dead twice to inflate the casualties.
Northwest Nerd
Northwest Nerd 2 саат мурун
I’ve never been run over by a police car. Mainly because I’ve never been in a crowd attacking one. Logic.
Pro America
Pro America 2 саат мурун
Such a beautiful and peaceful protest, not a riot at all!!
PFlip Quezada
PFlip Quezada 2 саат мурун
Certified accountants looked at what? Certified lunatics are speaking of this nonsense.
Anthony Blake
Anthony Blake 2 саат мурун
Look at those peaceful protesters. This is not an insurrection.
Tan from Indiana
Tan from Indiana 2 саат мурун
Harrumph! This is Joe bidens america!
Blue Meanie
Blue Meanie 2 саат мурун
And these ladies are teaching our children??!!